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Investment Philosophy

The time we take gaining a thorough understanding of your financial situation, your tolerance for risk, and your investment goals is the most valuable we spend. It helps us to create an investment plan and portfolio tailored to your needs.  Then we personally and periodically review your portfolio to ensure it continues to be appropriate to your situation over time. 


We believe in disciplined and independent investment analysis, diversification, and strategic asset allocation. 


Strategic asset allocation, rather than market timing, has a greater influence on investment returns over long periods. We allocate your portfolio among various asset classes, such as stocks, bonds, real estate, and cash. We then diversify within the selected asset classes to gain exposure to numerous sectors, market capitalizations, and economies.  


Strategic asset allocation and diversification are essential to minimizing client vulnerability to market volatility. Overall portfolio behavior is monitored to ensure it remains consistent with your tolerance for risk. Our goal is to construct a portfolio that speaks to your particular needs. 


Using independent research, we manage your assets to meet your cash flow and growth objectives, and to dovetail with your tax, retirement, and estate planning alike. Moreover, at your direction, we can develop strategies that avoid investments inconsistent with your social and personal beliefs. Others may use the same formula for all portfolios and use their access to you to sell financial products. Our approach is different. We custom fit your portfolio to you. 


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"We don't sell products, we sell knowledge - but I think what really sets us apart as superior investment managers is our passion for each client's success." Stuart Allen

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